ROLL AT. Shrewsbury, Crewe, Liverpool, Ormskirk, Preston-Barrow, 10th April 1978.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AT-17. Shrewsbury. Apart from any artistic considerations (branches of trees and railway lines – geddit??) a hedge trimmer would have given me a fantastic picture of the railway yard plus that marvellous signal box.


AT-18. Shrewsbury.


AT-19. Shrewsbury.


AT-21. Crewe. This was a view of railway conditions I had never seen in Australia. Blizzards just don’t happen in population centres there.


AT-22. 47245. Crewe.


AT-23. 47245 & Mira. Crewe.  Ok, I’ll take a picture of you in a blizzard………..


AT-24. Les. Crewe. …..and you take a picture of me. (Young marrieds, what do you expect??)


AT-25. 87045. Crewe.


AT-26. 25043. Crewe.


AT-27. Liverpool Lime Street.


AT-28. 87??? & 85033. Liverpool Lime Street.


AT-29. Ormskirk.


AT-30. Ormskirk.


AT-31. Mira. Preston.


AT-32. 474?2. Preston.


AT-33. Preston-Barrow.


AT-34. Preston-Barrow. A blizzard in Crewe and now this on the same day? And I thought Australia’s weather was variable!



AT-35. Arnside.


AT-35. Preston-Barrow.


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