ROLL AU. Barrow-Georgemas Junction, 11th-12th April 1978.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AU-01. Barrow.


AU-02. Barrow.


AU-03. 47466. Barrow.


AU-04. Barrow-Ravenglass.


AU-05. Barrow- Ravenglass.


AU-07. Ravenglass.


AU-08. Ravenglass.


AU-11. Ravenglass-Carlisle.


AU-13. Ravenglass-Carlisle. Not seen this signal type before.


AU-14. Carlisle.


AU-15. 45015. Carlisle.


AU-16. 86240. Carlisle.


AU-17. 87008. Carlisle.


AU-24. Carlisle. Caledonian Railway Company seal on the right. Railway history is everywhere.


AU-25. 40017. Carlisle.


AU-26. 40017. Carlisle.


AU-27. Mira. Annan.


AU-28. 40017 & 25244. Dumfries. The 40-Class failed at Annan and the 25-Class was sent to assist.


AU-30. 25244 & 40017. Dumfries-Glasgow.


AU-32. Dingwall. The junction for the famous Kyle of Lochalsh line.


AU-33. Lairg.


AU-34. Lairg-Georgemas Junction. The light was something Id never seen before. This was different.


AU-35. 26021 & 26033. Lairg-Georgemas Junction.


AU-37. Lairg-Georgemas Junction.


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