ROLL 67.Penshurst, Yanac, Hamilton-Horsham Line, Newlyn Line & East Ballarat Loco, 31st December 1968 Ė 3rd January 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


67-1. Y172 & Y142. Penshurst.


67-2. Y172 & Y142. Penshurst. Crew change.


67-3. T400. Hamilton.


67-4. Hamilton.


67-5. Hamilton. Locos and Rail Motors were serviced here.


67-6. Hamilton.


67-7. 11RM. Hamilton. A freshly painted RM from Ararat arriving at its destination.


67-8. Hamilton.


67-9. T386. Yanac Line. Whilst a normal healthy young lad of 17 should be partying with his mates on New Years eve, I welcomed 1969 inside the Z-van of this train at Dimboola, awaiting it 4:00 am departure to Yanac. My depression was not eased by the raucous revelry going on in parties across the road from the station.


When I think back, I was really upset only for a short time. Many New Years have since come and gone that I fully enjoyed and donít remember too well. The railway line to Yanac has long closed down but I have my pictures to remind me.


67-10. Yanac Line. Peppercorn trees were a standard decoration at Victorian stations in the Wimmera and Mallee.


67-11. T341. Balmoral.


67-12. T341. Balmoral. Cross and crew change.


67-13. Y111. Kanagulk?


67-14. K157. East Natimuk.


67-15. Y111 & K157. East Natimuk.


67-16-17. East Ballarat Loco. This composite view is looking north with the shed wall facing the main line. There are 4 W-class locos hiding in the deepest recesses of this once very large loco depot. They were not a popular engine.


67-18. W242. Creswick.


67-19. W242. Creswick.


67-20. W242. Allendale.


67-21. W242. Newlyn.


67-22. W242. Newlyn.