ROLL 72. Ballarat, 3rd January. Horsham, 5th January. Korong Vale & Bendigo, 6th January 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.

Scanned Negatives



72-01. Ballarat. W258.



72-02. Ballarat. W258.



72-03. Ballarat. S305 & B?? The carriage behind the B-class was on its delivery run to the Commonwealth Railways’ Trans-Australia, Port Augusta – Kalgoorlie line. This carriage was one of many required to form a new passenger train service between Sydney and Perth – the “Indian Pacific”, after the completion of the standard gauge link across Australia which happened a year later.

The track on the right between the train and the wall of the Ballarat East loco shed is the truncated line to Eureka after closure of the line to Buninyong.



72-04. Ballarat. W258.



72-05. Horsham. K157 & K183.



72-06. Horsham. K157 & K183.



72-07. Horsham. K157 & K183.



72-08. Horsham. S305. One of the often touted advantages of diesel locomotives over steam was that turntables would no longer be necessary for turning a locomotive since a diesel can go just as well forwards as backwards. This did not always apply. The only time I have ever assisted a crew in turning a locomotive was in this case. The two crew members were struggling with turning this engine around on the old push-around steam engine-era turntable. It was a hot day and they looked like they could use a hand.



72-09. Korong Vale.



72-10. Korong Vale. Y159. It appears that confidence in the roof of the shed was sufficiently lacking for the railwaymen to park the locomotive inside.




72-11. Korong Vale.



72-12. Korong Vale. Perhaps the wooden post on the floor was the reason for the railwaymen’s lack of confidence.



72-13. Korong Vale. T399.



72-14. Korong Vale.



72-15. Korong Vale. T399.



72-16. Korong Vale. T349 & T359. I caught the Mildura overnight train at Ballarat and waited at Dunolly for the 1½ hour journey by a goods train hauled by these two locos, to Korong Vale where I arrived at 5:45 am and enabling me to take these early morning pictures. Photographing trains always produces the best results when done in the late afternoon, or better still, in the early morning.



72-17. Korong Vale. T399. The track off at far centre left is the line to Robinvale and the track just below T399 is the line to Kulwin. The track in the immediate foreground is to the loco shed and the engine requirements facilities. I was standing on the coal-stage in 72-9 when I took this picture. Except for a simple single track junction and a few sidings, there is nothing here now.



72-18. Korong Vale. B77. This was the only time I ever saw a B-class in Korong Vale. I caught this train to Bendigo.



72-19. Bendigo. l-r; J526, J509, J504, J5?? & J511. All awaiting scrapping at North Bendigo Workshops.



72-20. Bendigo. J511, J551 & J5??.



72-21. Bendigo. l-r; J544, J5??, J5?? & J508.


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