ROLL 51. Sunbury, Clarkefield & Carlsruhe, 29th July 1968. Ormond, 4th August 1968. South Dynon, 10th August 1968.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


51-1. Sunbury. These photographs were taken as a survey for planning photo-stops for the A.R.H.S. Daylesford tour. See Roll 54.


51-2. Sunbury.


51-3. Sunbury.


51-4. Clarkefield. The remains of the turntable pit.


51-5. Clarkefield. Looking towards Melbourne, old Lancefield line diverging.


51-6. Clarkefield. The line to Lancefield continued on from here. Closed in 1956, it was dismantled by 1961.


51-7. Clarkefield. Lancefield line to the right.


51-8. Near Riddells Creek. Bluestone was extensively used in the construction of bridges and stations.


51-9. Carlsruhe. Daylesford line in foreground.


51-10. Carlsruhe. Daylesford line diverging.


51-11. Carlsruhe.


51-12. Carlsruhe. Daylesford line platform at right. The survey continues on Roll 52.


51-13. Ormond. The mechanical interlocked swing-gates were being replaced.


51-14. Ormond. It was to be another 14 years before the third track was used.


51-15. Ormond.


51-16. Ormond.


51-17. Ormond.


51-18. Ormond.


51-19. Ormond.


51-20. l-r; L1170, Y174 & L263. South Dynon, standard gauge turntable. The L-class was on its delivery run to W.A.G.R. The Y was new too.


51-21. L263. South Dynon.


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