ROLL 52. Daylesford Line, 10th August 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


52-1. 80RM. Near Daylesford.


52-2. Near Daylesford. This was a photo-stop survey trip by road for the coming A.R.H.S. Excursion to Daylesford (Roll 54) and a continuation of the previous week’s survey trip (Roll 51).


52-3. Near Daylesford.


52-4. Musk-Daylesford.


52-5. Musk-Daylesford.


52-6. Musk-Daylesford.


52-7. Musk-Daylesford.


52-8. Near Musk. Site selected as a Photo-stop. See Roll 54-8.


52-9. Near Musk.


52-10. Musk.


52-11. Near Bullarto. Site selected as a Photo-stop. See Roll 54-7.


52-12. Lyonville. Site selected as a Photo-stop. See Roll 54-6.


52-13. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry. The foundry operated here from 1893-1997. They invented and manufactured some fairly specialised equipment for the mining and farming industries. The company still exists although it is now based in Ballarat.


52-14. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry. The area was littered with lots of these track frames.


52-15. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry. Two track frames are shown here. The Daylesford line is in the top-left corner.


52-16. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry.


52-17. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry.


52-18. Trentham. Trewhella Foundry.


52-19. Trentham.


52-20. 80RM. Trentham.


52-21. Near Fern Hill. Site selected as a Photo-stop. See Roll 54-5.