ROLL 37. Sale, Dandenong, Stony Point, Mornington, Cobram & Tocumwal, 10th –12th January 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


Scanned Negatives



37-01. Y110. Sale.



37-02. Y110. Sale. The Gippslander has just arrived behind B70. There is a shopping mall on this site now and Sale station has moved to a better location eliminating the need for the engine to run around to the rear of its train to continue the journey on to Bairnsdale.



37-03. Y110. Sale.



37-04. B70. Sale.



37-05. Y152. Dandenong. The livestock saleyards to the right of the engine have long moved elsewhere and the site cleared for residential development.



37-06. 80RM. Stony Point. Note the rails of the former pier tramway under the FB Holden sedan car.  A view of the tramway in use can be seen in the PTC collection, record No.: H5143.



37-07. Mornington station. Just got off the train. A hot, sweltering, summer’s day. Nothing was moving except me and the cicadas.



37-08. 27RM. Mornington Station. The track bed to the right went to the long demolished engine shed.



37-09. 27RM Mornington Station. Thirty years later I went back. Climbing through the tall bushes I fell into the turntable pit. I climbed out and walked on a bit more and came across the water tower column and then a bit of a clearing. The station area was all covered under scrub bush. This whole area is now a large supermarket and car park.


The turntable itself is still in use though. It was re-installed in the rail yard at Warrnambool, where it’s used far more frequently that it ever was at Mornington. Now converted to power operation, it’s frequently used for turning diesels and the odd steam engine. .



37-10. Mornington. Note the Barkly Street hand-operated gates across the tracks in the distance..



37-11. 27RM. Mornington Station and yard. Sigh!



37-14. B81. Numurkah.



37-15. 10RM. Cobram. I just thought I would take one picture before I climbed into my sleeping bag in the railmotor. The flash itself was only tiny, but it was enough.



37-16. T406 & T347. Tocumwal. I was warned not to get off the platform by the Tocumwal SM.



37-17. Tocumwal. Back on the platform.



37-18. Tocumwal. I had to get a better look at these water towers. Is the SM looking?



37-19. Tocumwal. Broad Gauge turntable. Well, at least the SM can’t see me now. The station building can be seen at the end of the turntable road. Fascinating yard.



37-20. Tocumwal. Broad Gauge – Standard Gauge transhipment yard. What a curse mixed rail gauges has been for Australia and its railways. Mark Twain in his book; “Following the Equator” (1897) marvelled at the; “paralysis of intellect that gave that idea birth”.



37-21. Tocumwal. Standard Gauge water crane and the remains of the Coal Stage.


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