ROLL 38. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Shelbourne, 20th January 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


38-1. W265. North Melbourne. Note the explosives P-van behind the engine.


38-2. R749. Chewton.


38-3. R749. Chewton?


38-4. J504. Near Castlemaine.


38-5. J504. Near Castlemaine (Note the 80 Mile post).


38-6. J504. Near Castlemaine.


38-7. J504. Maldon.


38-8. Maldon. Disused turntable.


38-9. J504. Maldon.


38-10. J504. Maldon.


38-11. J504. Maldon.


38-12. J504. Maldon. Note the rain. 1967 was a very bad drought year (the worst drought the locals could remember – as every drought is). How strange rain is when everywhere you look it is yellow and parched as it was here.


38-13. J504. Near Maldon.


38-14. J504. Near Maldon.


38-15. J504. Near Pollard.


38-16. J504. Near Pollard.


38-17. J504. Near Pollard.


38-18. J504. Shelbourne. Bushfires occurred the next summer that burnt many of the line’s wooden trestle bridges resulting in the closure of the line from Maldon.


38-19. J504. Shelbourne.


38-20. J504. Shelbourne.


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