ROLL 1. Menzies Creek, 22nd May & Newport Workshops, 23rd May 1965.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.



1-1. Climax Locomotive. Menzies Creek Museum. Lying derelict in Gippsland for many years before being put on display in the Museum, It has now been returned to service.



1-2. Menzies Creek.



1-3. Menzies Creek.



1-4. E369. Newport Workshops. This engine is now preserved at the A.R.H.S. Railway Museum, North Williamstown.



1-5. E371. Newport Workshops. Derelict it is but not as bad as some. This engine was actually put back in to service as a workshops shunter when they retired another E-class (E377), which was in even worse condition. This was the last E-class in service when it was withdrawn 18 months earlier from shunting duties at Ballarat on 15th November 1963.



1-6. D3619. Newport Workshops.



1-7. N410. Newport Workshops. After the closure of North Melbourne Locomotive Depot in December 1964, steam engines that were worked to Melbourne, as N410 did here on the return of a rail fan trip to Shelbourne, were sometimes serviced and held at the Workshops. The last of the first series of 30 Newport built N class engines in service.N410 was scrapped on 28 May 1967.



1-8. A2884. Newport Workshops. A Stephenson Link version,



1-9. R743. Newport Workshops.



1-10. l-r; A2884, R757, R758, R7??ís. Newport Workshops. Between the time A2884 was last used as a steam washout boiler engine at North Melbourne Locomotive Depot (it was actually one of the last engines to leave the depot) and preservation at the North Williamstown Railway Museum, it spent some time in this line up.



1-11. l-r; R743 & R7??ís. Newport Workshops.



1-12. R757 & R758. Newport Workshops.


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