ROLL AX. York-Leeds-Sheffield-Birmingham, 17th April 1978. Birmingham-March, 18th April 1978.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AX-11. York.


AX-12. York.


AX-13. 55017. York. By December 31st 1981, British Rail would run no more of these remarkable locomotives in scheduled services. On that day, 55017 hauled the last scheduled Deltic hauled train from London Kings Cross.



AX-14. 254013. York.


AX-16. York.


AX-17. York.


AX-18. York-Leeds.


AX-19. Near Leeds.


AX-20. 31324. Leeds.


AX-21. 45116. Leeds-Sheffield.


AX-22. Leeds-Sheffield.


AX-23. Leeds-Sheffield. Non-Preserved Steam!!! Nearly ten years after British Rail had stopped using steam engines, collieries were still using them.


AX-24. Sheffield.


AX-25. 50029. Birmingham.


AX-26. 50029. Birmingham.


AX-27. Birmingham.


AX-28. Peterborough.


AX-29. March.