ROLL AS. Penzance-Bristol. 7th April 1978. Swansea-Shrewsbury, 8th April 1978.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AS-01. 50048. Penzance.


AS-02. 50030. Penzance.


AS-03. Marazion.


AS-05. Saltash.


AS-06. 50048. Saltash.


AS-07. 50048. Saltash.


AS-08. Saltash.


AS09. 50009. Teignmouth.


AS10. 50009. Teignmouth-Dawlish


AS11. Teignmouth-Dawlish


AS12. 50009. Teignmouth-Dawlish.


AS13. Worle Junction.


AS-14. 253004. Bristol.


AS-15. Bristol.


AS-16. Bristol.


AS-17. Llanelli


AS18. 47??? & 37??? Llanelli.


AS21. Llanelli-Llandeilo.


AS22. Llandeilo.


AS25. Llandeilo-Sugar Loaf Tunnel.


AS26. Llandeilo-Sugar Loaf Tunnel.


AS27. Llandeilo-Sugar Loaf Tunnel.


AS28. Llandeilo-Sugar Loaf Tunnel.


AS30. Sugar Loaf Tunnel.


AS31. Sugar Loaf Tunnel-Craven Arms.


AS32. Llandrindod Wells.


AS33. Llandrindod Wells.


AS34. Llandrindod Wells. Note the crew change between railmotors.


AS36. Craven Arms-Shrewsbury.


AS37. 47226 & Hall Class. Shrewsbury. My first sighting of the famed British steam engine. The steam engine had been partially disabled due to a hotbox and the 47-Class was sent to rescue the enthusiasts special. As usual, just as things get interesting, I ran out of film.


Thanks to Stuart Johnson and Steve Huddy for corrections.


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