ROLL AJ. Zeehan & Hobart. (Tas). 1976.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AJ-01. Mt. Lyell No. 8. Zeehan.


AJ-02. TGR C1. Zeehan.


AJ-03. EBR No. 6 “Murchison” & Wife. Zeehan.


AJ-04. Zeehan.


AJ-05. Mt. Lyell mine haulage locomotives. Zeehan.


AJ-06. Mt. Lyell No. 1. Zeehan.


AJ-07. Mt. Lyell No. 1. Zeehan.


AJ-08. EBR No. 6 “Murchison”. Zeehan.


AJ-09. TGR C1. Zeehan.


AJ-25. Hobart.


AJ-26. Hobart.


AJ-27. Hobart.


AJ-28. Hobart.


AJ-29. Hobart.


AJ-30. V2. Hobart.


AJ-31. V2. Hobart. The third wagon, a passenger/guards van, was built in the 1880’s.


AJ-32. Wife. Hobart. The station was huge and was obviously designed to cater for more services than what was offered. Nice jumper.


AJ-33. Hobart.


AJ-34. Hobart.


AJ-35. DP26. Hobart. Peak hour rush at Hobart Station. Despite the fact that it was around 5:30pm, this was the only train I saw; a local from Parrattah. I loved the railways of Tasmania, but I was profoundly saddened by their obvious neglect and decay. DP26, however, is still running. It is now preserved at the Transport Museum, Glenorchy and can be seen by clicking here.