ROLL AI. Burnie. (Tas). 1976.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.



AI-01. X18 & X??. Burnie.


AI-02. 21. Burnie. Now with the Derwent Valley Railway, New Norfolk, Tasmania.


AI-03. 1002 & 1103. Burnie. 1002 is now stored at Don River Railway, Devonport, Tasmania. 1103 is now stored at Curtain Bros., Townsville, Qld.


AI-04. 1001 & Wife. Burnie. 1001 has been converted to 762mm gauge (26) and works at Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Victoria.


AI-05. 1004. Burnie. Now working on the Zig Zag railway, NSW.


AI-06. 22. Burnie. Now working at West Coast Wilderness Railway, Queenstown, Tasmania.


AI-07. 22. Burnie.


AI-08. X18 & X??. Burnie.


AI-09. Burnie.


AI-10. Burnie.


AI-11. Burnie.


AI-12. Burnie.


AI-13. Burnie.


AI-14. Burnie.


AI-15. Burnie.


AI-16. Burnie.


AI-17. Burnie.


AI-18. Burnie.


AI-19. Burnie.


AI-20. Burnie.


AI-21. Burnie.