ROLL AC. Caulfield. 1974 & 1975. Heathcote Junction, January 1975.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AC-01. T410. & B?? Caulfield.


AC-02. T410. Caulfield. This was the standard consist of the Yarram passenger train for many years.


AC-03. L1155. Caulfield. When Platform 4 was much longer to accommodate two suburban race specials, with a control cabin half way.


AC-04. Caulfield.


AC-05. Caulfield.


AC-06. B??. Caulfield.


AC-07. B??. Caulfield.



AC-08. Caulfield. How could I ignore the tram behind me?


AC-09. Caulfield.


AC-10. Caulfield.


AC-11. Caulfield.


AC-12. Caulfield.


AC-13. Caulfield.


AC-14. L1173. Caulfield.


AC-15. X40 & T409. Heathcote Junction.


AC-16. X40 & T409. Heathcote Junction.


AC-19. Caulfield.


AC-20. Caulfield.


AC-21. T346. Caulfield.


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