ROLL 94.  Bentleigh, Graham & Fairfield, 2nd November 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


94-1. Patterson Station. You can see the sleepers left from the third track dismantling. Never connected, the kilometre long track was built with Patterson station in 1960 in anticipation of a third track to Cheltenham. Fifteen years later, in 1984, the third track was built from Caulfield to Moorabbin.


94-2. R707. Bentleigh. Railfan trip.


94-3. R707. Bentleigh. Railfan trip. The only railway item that still exists in this picture is R707.


94-4. R707. Bentleigh. Railfan trip.


94-5. R707. McKinnon. Railfan trip.


94-6. R707. McKinnon. Railfan trip.


94-7. R707. McKinnon. Railfan trip.


94-8. D3 639. Approaching Bentleigh. Vintage Train.



94-9. D3 639. Bentleigh. Vintage Train.


94-10. D3 639. Bentleigh. Vintage Train.


94-11. Graham Signal Box. Graham had two level crossings over Graham Street, hence the two wheels.


94-12. Graham Signal Box. The two level crossings over Graham Street can be seen clearly in the signalling diagram.


94-13. Graham Signal Box. The other end.


94-14. Graham station from the Signal Box. The temporary fencing on the down platform on the right was because fire had destroyed the station building.


94-15. Looking towards Port Melbourne from Graham Signal Box. The area to the left of the picture is the site of the former Port Melbourne Locomotive Sheds which serviced Melbourne’s steam engines used on suburban train services in pre-electrification days.


This whole area is unrecognisable today. Apart from the two main railway tracks, which is now a light rail line connecting to Melbourne’s tram network, the whole picture you see before you is now occupied by an extensive housing estate.


A 1919 map of the area can be seen at Mark Bau’s web site. Click here to view it.


94-16. Graham Signal Box. Within six weeks of these pictures at Graham; three-position signalling was brought into service; this Signal Box, was “abolished”; the track between Graham and Port Melbourne was singled when the Up line was taken out of service; the Up platform was “abolished”; and, pending the construction of an overpass, the level crossing gates were worked by hand.


94-17. 2 car Tait. Graham. Down Port Melbourne train.


94-18. 2 car Tait. Fairfield. Down Hurstbridge train.


94-19. Fairfield Signal Box. A fair amount of upgrade work came into effect on this day. Three-position signalling, replaced two-position. Boom gates had replaced mechanical gates across Station Street. Switching-out facilities were now being provided in the Signal Box.


94-20. Fairfield Station and Signal Box.


94-21. Fairfield station and Signal Box. The track joining the Down line is the old goods loop, and the track leaving the Up line is the remnant of the Outer Circle line that went to the APM paper mills.