ROLL 81. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Echuca, 15th June 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


81-1. R707. Kyneton?


81-2. R707. Bendigo.


81-3. J550. Bendigo. For some reason, probably safety, J550 has lost its buffers in the month since the tour to Cohuna in Roll 79.


81-4. J550. Bendigo.


81-5. R707 & J550. Bendigo.


81-6. J550. Near Goornong.


81-7. J550. Elmore - Rochester.


81-8. J550. Elmore - Rochester.


81-9. J550. Near Rochester.


81-10. A2 996. Echuca. The engine was silver painted for rust prevention. All the tracks seen here, most having been laid down when the line was built over 100 years before, were ripped up by Roll 107, seven months later. The speed at which changes were occurring around the Victorian Railways system was gathering pace, hastened by the demise of the steam engine.


81-11. J550. Echuca.


81-12. Sawmill Siding. Echuca. Note the chaired rail indicating the track was laid down before 1870.


81-13. Sawmill Siding. Echuca. The track running into the background was narrow gauge - around 4 foot. Like the broad gauge, it too was chaired rail. Note the lack of check-rails in the diamond crossing and the unique construction of rail “frogs”.


81-14. Combined road/rail Murray River Bridge. Echuca.


81-15. Boat. Echuca.


81-16. J550. Moama.


81-17. J550. Moama.


81-18. J550. Moama.


81-19. J550. Moama.


81-20. J550. Moama.


81-21. J550. Echuca.