ROLL 80. A.R.H.S. 50th Anniversary Electrification Sandringham to Essendon, 24th May 1969. Goulburn Valley Line, 1st June 1969.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


80-1. Belgrave. The old-new Belgrave station.


80-2. L1159. South Yarra.


80-3. Hampton. This was the special anniversary train to Essendon.


80-4. Sandringham.


80-5. Brighton Beach. Tait, Harris & Swing-door stock ready for the Monday morning peak.


80-6. Melbourne Goods Yard. Construction of the Hump Yard was well underway.


80-7. Melbourne Goods Yard. Construction of the Hump.


80-8. Melbourne Goods Yard. Construction of the Hump.


80-9. Newmarket. Racecourse junction.


80-10. Broadmeadows. Looking towards Somerton.


80-11. S300. Near Seymour. Down Albury pass.


80-12. X32, S310 & T357. Near Seymour. The T was on a down Shepparton. Standard Gauge trains were a lot shorter in those days.


80-13. T357. Near Seymour.


80-14. Goulburn Valley Line. Nice sleepers. This is a place for a photo-stop. Taken on a photo-stop survey in preparation for a fan-trip to Picola.


80-15. Goulburn Valley Line. Nice location.


80-16. Tabilk?


80-17. Arcadia.


80-18. Goulburn River bridge. Remains of the old bridge on the right.


80-19. Goulburn River bridge.


80-20. Goulburn Valley line. But where is it? Note station in background.


80-21. T357. Goulburn Valley line. Up Shepparton.