ROLL 79. A.R.E. Excursion to Cohuna, 17th May 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


79-2. R707. Bendigo.


79-3. J550. Bendigo.


79-4. J550. Bendigo.


79-5. J550. Bendigo.


79-6. J550. Elmore. One of a very few number of engines that didnít have shunterís steps fitted to the tender beside the front bogie.


79-7. J550. Elmore.


79-8. J550. Elmore.


79-9. J550. Elmore.


79-10. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-11. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-12. J550. Roslynmeade?


79-13. J550. Roslynmeade?


79-14. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-15. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-16. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-17. J550. Elmore-Cohuna.


79-18. J550 & 4RT. Cohuna.


79-19. J550. Cohuna.


79-20. J550. Cohuna. A J was a tight fit on a 53-foot turntable. Despite the many willing helpers a J, weighing about 115 tons, could be turned by one person on a well-maintained turntable.


79-21. 61RM. Cohuna.