ROLL 78. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Ballarat, 20th April 1969. S.P.C.C. Excursion to Healesville, 4th May 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


78-1. R707. Near Rockbank. The idea of this trip was to recreate an R-Class hauled “Overland” train. It was unsuccessful.


78-2. R707. Melton Weir Bridge.


78-3. R707. Near Parwan.


78-4. R707. Near Parwan.


78-5. R707. Iron Bark Bridge near Bacchus Marsh.


78-6. B75, S309 & T329. Ballarat.


78-7. B75, S309 & T329. Ballarat.


78-8. R707. Ballarat.


78-9. l-r: S309, B75, B70, B??, T3??, S3?? & Y1??. Ballarat.


78-10. l-r: T329, S309, B75, B70, B??, T3??, S3?? & Y1??. Ballarat.


78-11. R707. Ballarat.


78-12. R707. Ballarat.


78-13. Healesville. The regular DRC can be seen at centre far-left.


78-14. Healesville. What remains of the loco-shed.


78-15. K184. Healesville.


78-16. Healesville.


78-17. Healesville.


78-18. Healesville.


78-19. Healesville.


78-20. K184. Healesville.


78-21. K184. Healesville.