ROLL 75. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Timboon, 29th March 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


75-1. R707. Near Moriac.


75-3. R707. Colac.


75-4. B61. Colac. One of the very few things that can still be seen today, B61 can still be seen running trains on the Warrnambool line. The fourth carriage on this train belonged to the Overland train between Melbourne and Adelaide, what it was doing on an up Warrnambool was unknown to me. The siding to the left of the train was the original Warrnambool line whilst the track the train is on was the branch line to Alvie which didnít actually diverge from the Warrnambool line until about 2Kms outside Colac.


75-5. B61. Colac.


75-6. R707. Colac.


75-7. R707. Near Pomberneit


75-8. K175. Camperdown.


75-9. R707. Camperdown.


75-10. K175. Cobden.


75-11. K175. Cobden-Timboon.


75-12. K175. Timboon.


75-13. K175. Timboon.


75-14. D3 639. Timboon.


75-15. Timboon.


75-16. D3 639. Timboon.


75-17. K175. Timboon.


75-18. K175. Timboon.


75-19. D3 639. Timboon.


75-20. K175 & D3 639. Timboon.

Continued on Roll 76.