ROLL 73. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Orbost, 22nd February 1969. Altona & Geelong, 16th March, 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


73-1. L1154. Herne’s Oak.


73-2. T409. Tostaree-Waygara.


73-3. T409. Near Nowa Nowa. This was another fan trip I was involved in as Photo-Stop Organiser. The idea of the excursion was to make a day return trip to Orbost which had never been done before. It was possible, but we would have to use only electric and diesel locomotives. It was also one of very few fan trips in those days that didn’t use steam at all. Maybe the Railways were giving us a hint when both locomotives we used were in immaculate condition.



73-4. T409. Waygara-Orbost.


73-5. Newport. Occasionally when going past the Newport Workshops to Altona, you would see interesting things such as this badly damaged, upside-down, 4-wheel brown-coal tippler “IC” wagon on a flat wagon. These wagons were in daily use between the Bacchus Marsh brown coal mine and the Australian Paper Mills siding at Fairfield. The tender next to the flat wagon from an X-class locomotive put to other purposes.


73-6. Near Seaholme.


73-7. Altona.


73-8. Altona.


73-9. Altona.


73-10. Altona. Looking towards the end of the line.


73-11. Altona.


73-12. Altona.


73-13. R753 & R711. Geelong.


73-14. l-r; K158, K164, K176 & K175. Geelong.


73-15. K159. Geelong.


73-16. K159. Geelong.


73-17. l-r; K159, F213 & F202.


73-18. Foreground; Y 147, Centre, l-r; F2??, T3??, T379, T351, T387, T373, Y157. Background: K158, K164, K176, K175, R753 & R711. Geelong.