ROLL 71. Traralgon, 11th January. Albury, 12th January. McKinnon, 19th, 26th January & 15th February 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


71-2. l-r; Y104, T385, RT?? & T340. Traralgon.


71-3. L1151 & L1168. Traralgon.


71-4. L1150. Traralgon. The L takes over from the T in the background to continue the run “under the wires” to Melbourne. The time and cost involved in this practice, begun in the steam age and for no real cost benefit in the diesel age, eventually put a stop to it with the diesels just running right through to Melbourne.


71-5. L1150. Traralgon. The Maffra Rail Motor is in the carriage dock.


71-6. 4444. Albury. Albury’s colonnaded standard gauge platform can be seen at top right.


71-7. 4409. Albury.


71-8. 4536. Albury.


71-9. 4410. Albury.


71-10. 4201 & 4205. Albury.


71-11. 4494. Albury.


71-12. 5148. Albury.


71-13. D3 639. McKinnon. Vintage Train special.


71-14. D3 639. McKinnon.


71-15. T321. McKinnon. Vintage Train.


71-16. McKinnon. This level crossing with its “mechanical interlocked boom gates” was the only one of its type in Victoria. I had the interesting experience of working these gates myself from the Signal Box many times. Not long after they were installed in the late 1920's, a kid, who used to ride the more usual swing gates common at other level crossings, thought he could do the same here. They had to lower to gates again to let him off.


71-17. McKinnon. Nine Miles from Flinders Street.


71-18. McKinnon.


71-19. McKinnon.


71-20. McKinnon.


71-21. McKinnon.