ROLL 69.  Heywood – Mt Gambier Line, 10th January 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


69-1. T335. Lyons?


69-2. T335. Lyons?


69-3. Dartmoor.


69-4. T335 & T388. Dartmoor. Trains crossed here.


69-5. T335 & T388. Dartmoor


69-6. Approaching Mt. Gambier.


69-7. Mt. Gambier.


69-8. 838. Mt Gambier. After the train arrived, the T-class went on to the loco depot. The S.A.R. loco then did all the shunting. This picture was taken from the Signal Box.


69-9. Mt Gambier. That night’s 9:00pm passenger train to Adelaide was shunted into the platform shortly after the Victorian train arrived.


69-10. 905. Mt. Gambier. It was a busy station. This train arrived not long after the passenger train to Adelaide had docked.


69-11. Mt. Gambier. The passenger part of the 9:00 pm train to Adelaide. It was actually a mixed-train as quite a few more freight vans were added on before it left. Pulled by 905, it shunted at most stations along the way until Wolseley where I got off and took the Overland back to Melbourne, sometime around 1:00 am. This train was due to arrive in Adelaide at 7:30 am. It had sleeping accommodation.


69-12. Bluebird 251. Mt. Gambier. The 8:00 am. ex. Adelaide, arriving at Mt Gambier. It was tabled to arrive at 4:40 pm.


69-13. Bluebird 251 and Trailer 100. Mt. Gambier. It was sent in to the back-platform road.


69-14. 838. Mt. Gambier. Now the loco shunter could now shunt the SAR freight train that arrived previously.


69-15. Mt. Gambier.


69-16. 905. Mt. Gambier. Arriving at Mt. Gambier Loco.


69-17. 956. Mt. Gambier Loco.


69-18. T335. Mt. Gambier Loco.


69-19. T335 & 956. Mt. Gambier Loco.


69-20. Bluebird 251 and Trailer 100. Mt. Gambier Loco.


69-21. Bluebird 251, Trailer 100 and 905. Mt. Gambier Loco.