ROLL 68. Portland, 7th & 9th January. Casterton & Ararat, 8th January. Coleraine, 9th January, 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


68-1. Portland North. Looking towards Portland.


68-2. 91RM & T328. Portland North.


68-3. Portland North-Heywood.


68-4. T379. Casterton.


68-5. T379. Casterton.


68-6. Casterton.


68-7. Ararat. A simple case of what can happen when the load shifts on a fast freight. Iíve taken thousands of pictures of trains and even a seeing a derailment was rare, so when something as dramatic as this happens itís worth a few frames.


68-8. Ararat.


68-9. Ararat.


68-10. Ararat.


68-11. S309. Ararat.


68-12. T373. Coleraine.


68-13. T373. Coleraine.


68-14. T373. Coleraine.


68-15. T373. Coleraine.


68-16. Portland North-Portland. The vestigious sign says ďTest BrakesĒ.


68-17. Portland North-Portland.


68-18. Portland North-Portland.


68-19. Portland North-Portland. Looking towards Portland North.


68-20. Portland. The end of the platform coping can be seen in the centre.


68-21 Portland.