ROLL 60.A.R.H.S. Excursion to Bolangum, 27th October 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


60-2. Marnoo. The train didnít quitemake it to Bolangum. The trackside grass was incredibly lush and the train rather heavy resulting in constant loco wheel slips and a pace no better than walking. Trying to get to Bolangum would have wasted coal and time.


60-3. Marnoo.


60-4. K184. Rupanyup. They were discussing a planned strike by the railway driverís union due to begin at midnight and would the train make it back to Melbourne before then.


60-5. K184. Rupanyup.


60-6. R749 & K184. Lubeck.


60-7. R749 & K184. Lubeck.


60-8. R749 & K184. Lubeck.


60-9. R749. Between Lubeck and Stawell.


60-10. R749 & K184. Between Lubeck and Stawell.


60-11. R749 & K184. Between Lubeck and Stawell.


60-12. R749 & K184. Between Lubeck and Stawell.


60-13. R749 & K184. Between Lubeck and Stawell.


60-14. X36. Stawell. This train was going to Adelaide. The railway driverís union, the A.F.U.L.E., had called for a strike (a not uncommon feature in 1968) for the following day. It was the first nationwide rail strike in Australiaís history and it was in support of claims in relation to Wage and Condition relativity. This train was hastily assembled and timetabled to be in Adelaide by the strikeís commencement at midnight.


60-15. K184 & X36. Stawell.


60-16. K184. Stawell.


60-17. K184. Stawell.


60-18. Stawell.


60-19. K184 & 20RT. Stawell.


60-20. K184. Near Great Western.


60-21. R749. Near Ararat.