ROLL 56.  Railway Museum North Williamstown & Aspendale, 29th September. Exhibition; “Railways on Review”, 50th Anniversary of the first run of an electric train in Australia, 8th October 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


56-1. N432. A.R.H.S. Railway Museum.


56-2. D2 604. A.R.H.S. Railway Museum.


56-3. Near Edithvale. Trains composed of 8-car Tait carriages had only just started. This one was photographed on the old Aspendale storage siding that extended all the way to Edithvale. Just the remains of a buffer stop are now left to remember what was.


56-4. T346. Spencer St. Station. Taken from that famous vantage point; the Platform 2 road access bridge, now demolished as part of the Spencer Street Station redevelopment project. The track coming towards the camera and splitting in two at the “Y” points is the standard gauge track from Sydney.



56-5. E369. Spencer St. Station (now demolished and being totally rebuilt). The former suburban passenger E-class locos were no strangers to Spencer St. Station. They were used as yard shunters there and at other country locations for many years until the last one, E371, was retired on 15th November 1963. At Spencer Street they shunted everything from swing-door excursion trains to the broad-gauge “Spirit of Progress”. Later, and off the rolling stock register, they spent the next few years shunting at Newport Workshops. E369 is now preserved at the A.R.H.S. Railway Museum, North Williamstown.


56-6. E369. Spencer St. Station.


56-7. E369. Spencer St. Station.


56-8. Y174. Spencer St. Station. The Y-class replaced the E-class steam locos as yard shunters at Spencer Street.


56-9. Spencer St. Station. The HK Holden Monaro is a classic as well.


56-10. Spencer St. Station.


56-11. No. 3 Steam Crane, “Polly”. Because of this locomotive it was possible to see a remnant of steam in Melbourne long after the North Melbourne Locomotive depot closed down in 1965. I saw it steaming through Flinders Street station in 1975. By the time this picture was taken, in 1968, a decision had been made to restore it back to its original status as locomotive Z526. This eventually happened when it was preserved in 1980.


56-12. l-r; L11??, E1104, 4CM & R707. Spencer St. Station.


56-13. 4CM & R707. Spencer St. Station.


56-14. K183. Spencer St. Station.


56-15. J515. Spencer St. Station.


56-16. D3 639. Spencer St. Station.


56-17. Spencer St. Station.


56-18. E1104 & 4CM. Spencer St. Station. E1104 was the last of the class to be painted into the Victorian Railways blue & gold livery and it is shown here fresh out of the paint shops. For pictures of when it was just a plain black engine, see Roll 42.


56-19. E369. Spencer St. Station.


56-20. E369. Spencer St. Station.