ROLL 53. A.R.E. Excursion to Maryborough, 17th August 1968.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


53-1. R749. Moorabool Viaduct.


53-2. R749. Meredith.


53-3. R749. Meredith.


53-4. R749. Meredith.


53-6. B63, B?? & S3??, Ballarat.


53-7. R749. Creswick.


53-8. R749. Creswick.


53-9. R749. Creswick.


53-10. R749. Near Clunes.


53-11. R749. Near Talbot.


53-12. R749. Maryborough.


53-13. D3 646. Maryborough.


53-14. l-r; T394 & T331. Maryborough Loco.


53-15. T331. Maryborough Loco.


53-16. T331. Maryborough Loco.


53-17. l-r; T331 & T394. Maryborough Loco. I first visited this engine shed nearly three years previously when steam engines were in abundance. It was another depressing visit to a railway facility.


53-18. R749. Castlemaine.


53-19. R749. Castlemaine.


53-20. R749. Castlemaine. The fellow behind the driver is a rather young John Hearsch.