ROLL 45. Carey G.S. Excursion to Yallourn, Traralgon & Mirboo North, 4th May 1968.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


45-1. 61RM. Tynong.


45-2. L1165. Tynong.


45-3. 61RM. Near Warragul.


45-4. Warragul. The old swing-door rolling stock was used to form the Schools Train, which ran between Dandenong and Warragul.


45-5. 61RM. Warragul.


45-6. 61RM. Yallourn.


45-7. Yallourn. The signal box can be seen in 45-11.


45-8. 61RM. Yallourn.


45-9. Yallourn.


45-10. Yallourn.


45-11. Yallourn. This track formed a Y with the track in 45-10. The other end of the Y can be seen in 45-9. Yallourn yard seemed to continuously re-arranging for one reason or another. Eventually it re-arranged itself out of existence.


45-12. 61RM. Yallourn.


45-13. 61RM. Near Morwell.


45-14. l-r; L1167, L1162, 61RM, Y122, T351 & T389. Traralgon.


45-15. l-r; Y122, T351, T389 & Y115. Traralgon.


45-16. Traralgon. A feature of all loco depots, the Train Accident Van and Guards Van. Similar Accident vans can be seen in Roll 20-3 and Roll 70-21.


45-17. L1158, L1162 & L1167. Traralgon.


45-18. 46RT. Morwell.


45-19. 61RM. Near Morwell. The S.E.C.V. metre-gauge line from Yallourn to the power stations at Hazlewood. What was the 70 on the pole for, surely not for speed?


45-20. 61RM. Near Boolara.


45-21. 61RM. Mirboo North.