ROLL 35. Cudgewa, Geelong & Ballarat, 4th Ė7th January 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


35-1. T332 & T381. Koetong.


35-2. T332 & T381. Koetong. Crew change.


35-3. T332 & T381. Koetong.


35-4. Snowy Mountains Scheme.


35-5. Snowy Mountains Scheme.


35-6. Snowy Mountains Scheme.


35-7. T332. Cudgewa. Return trip the next day.


35-8. T332. Shelley.


35-9. T332 and T381. Koetong. Same locos, same time, opposite direction.


35-10. W262. Geelong station.


35-11. B75. Geelong station.



35-12. B75. Geelong station.


35-13. J502. East Ballarat Loco. Damn the static.


35-14. J501 and J502. East Ballarat Loco


35-15. K192. East Ballarat Loco. The last of the Kís


35-16. J? and J?. East Ballarat Loco.


35-17. K178. East Ballarat Loco.


35-18. J505 and W245. East Ballarat Loco.


35-19. Ballarat. This was the only one of former American-type cars which were built in the 1880ís, I ever saw. It was located just past Ballarat Station. The last time I saw it was at the old Sandhurst Town railway near Bendigo around 1990. Where is it now?


35-20.Ballarat.On a warm summerís night, the Queenscliff pass, which only ran on Sundays in summer, arrived and disgorged its tired passengers from a day at the beach.


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