ROLL 33. Seymour, Bowser Ė Peechelba East & Bowser-Beechworth Lines, 1st & 2nd January 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


33-1. D3 684. Seymour. Itís still there.


33-2. R722 & W2??. Seymour Loco (or whatís left of it). The W-class was about as useful as the R. Compare this shot withRoll 20-3, taken less than eight months previously.


33-3. Y126 and Y121. Wangaratta. Peechelba East goods train on the right.


33-4. Y126. Wangaratta. Peechelba East goods train ready to depart.


33-5. Y126. Boorhaman.


33-6. Y126. Boorhaman.


33-7. Y126. Boorhaman.


33-8. Y126. Boorhaman - Peechelba East. A train that ran once a fortnight never got any rail shiny.


33-9. Peechelba East. End of the line.


33-10. Y126. Peechelba East.


33-11. Y126. Peechelba East. Ready to return Ė and not a minute too soon!


33-12. Y126. Bowser. Coming off the Branch. Note the unique 3-post junction signal above the Yís cab. Bowser was also the junction for the line to Bright and Beechworth.


33-13. X?. Wangaratta. Standard gauge platform.


33-14. T345. Everton.


33-15. T345. Everton. Beechworth to the left, Bright to the right.


33-16. T345. Beechworth.


33-17. Beechworth. Just past the station, the old rail bed to Yackandandah. A trestle bridge here carried the line towards that town.


33-18. Beechworth. Same as 33-17, just a different perspective.


33-19. Beechworth station. Unusually, they didnít shorten the platform here even though Beechworth hadnít had a regular passenger for many years.


33-21. T345. Beechworth line. Return journey. A nice change from the Peechelba East line.


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