ROLL 32. McKinnon, Flinders St. & Spencer St., 29th November. Vintage Train Excursion to Queenscliff, 2nd December 1967.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


32-1. D3 639. McKinnon.


32-2. Flinders Street Station.


32-3. Spencer Street. New 4 door Harris carriages had just been introduced.


32-4. D3 639. McKinnon.


32-5. K176. South Geelong.


32-6. K176. South Geelong.


32-7. K176. South Geelong. The K-class had just banked the Vintage train through the Geelong Tunnel to South Geelong and was now returning back to Geelong station.


32-8. K187. South Geelong-Drysdale.


32-9. K187. Queenscliff.


32-10. K187. Queenscliff.


32-11. Queenscliff.


32-12. K187. Queenscliff.


32-13. Queenscliff.


32-14. K187. Queenscliff. The white smudges are static electricity discharges caused by rapidly rewinding the film in low humidity. This was a problem with my camera, a Canon Canonet, which was in use from Roll 18 until replaced by a Pentax Spotmatic after Roll 54.


32-15. Queenscliff.


32-16. K187. Queenscliff.


32-17. K187. Queenscliff.


32-18. K187. Queenscliff.


32-19. K187. Queenscliff.


32-20. K187. Drysdale.


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