ROLL 29. Flinders St., Spencer St., & Caulfield-Glen Huntly, 8th, 14th & 21st October 1967.


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Scanned Negatives



29-1. Flinders St.

Port Melbourne-bound Tait train. The front motor carriage had just been through the paint shops.



29-2. F210. Spencer St.



29-3. Spencer St Ė Melbourne Goods Yard.



29-4. Spencer St.



29-5. Spencer St. Carriage sidings.

The AVís & BVís, built in the late 1890ís, were mainly stored here. Apart from the occasional Vintage Train, their only other use was the 7:10 pm Sunday night pass to Leongatha. You could ride this train to Tooradin and cross to the opposite returning train, also AV/BV, which had left Leongatha at 6:55 pm. I did this in 1967 when it was hauled by T323 and joined the other set, hauled by T393, back to Melbourne. The Diesels with their auto couplers couldnít couple up to these screw-coupled carriages so an ABU carriage, which had one of each at either end, was used. Canít believe that two sets were used just once a week with one stored here at Spencer St. and the other at Leongatha Ė a return journey of once every fortnight per set!


Frank Loftus, who lived at Leongatha in the mid 1960ís, recalls this train. Click here for his story.



29-6. Spencer St.

Pintschís Gas wagon.



29-7. T322. Spencer St.



29-8. R704. Spencer St.

On its delivery run to the ARHS Museum.



29-9. R704. Spencer St.



29-10. R704. Spencer St.



29-11. R704. Spencer St.



29-12. R704. Spencer St.



29-13. R704. Spencer St.



29-14. Harris Train sets. Glen Huntly.

Caulfield Cup Race Specials were stored in the goods yard.



29-15. Harris Train sets. Glen Huntly.

Note the swing gates across Glen Huntly Road.



29-16. Harris & Tait Train sets. Caulfield-Glen Huntly.

The Caulfield Cup Race Specials trains were stored on the goods line which paralleled the Frankston line from Caulfield to the Glen Huntly goods sidings. This track was mainly used by local goods trains shunting at both places and often hauled by E-class electric locos. In the early 1980ís it was upgraded and extended becoming the third line to Moorabbin.



29-17. Tait Train sets.

Race Specials stored in the Caulfield goods yard.



29-18. McKinnon.

Up Starter and Ormond Up Distant.



29-19. Jolimont sidings.

Note the E-class locos centre far right. They were usually stored there between duties.


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