ROLL 27. V.S.R.C.A. Excursion to Healesville, 30th August 1967.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


27-1. Lilydale.


27-2. K191. Lilydale. The idea of this fan trip was to re-create the steam hauled car-goods trainthat used to run on branch lines all over Victoria.


27-3. K191. Lilydale. Iím not sure how happy the crew were on having had their cosy diesel cab substituted for a steam engine footplate on such a miserable day.


27-4. K191. Lilydale.


27-5. K191. Lilydale. Note the shunter bringing the train into the platform.


27-6. K191. Lilydale. Locomotive is taking water from the stand-pipe at the end of the platform.


27-7. K191. Coldstream.


27-8. K191. Coldstream.


27-9. K191. Coldstream.


27-10. K191. Coldstream.


27-11. K191. Yarra Glen. It was pouring.


27-12. K191. Yarra Glen-Healesville.


27-13. K191. Near Healesville. Despite the rain, 1967 was a bad drought year yet it always seemed to rain on a fan trip.


27-14. K191. Healesville.


27-15. K191. Healesville.


27-16. K191. Healesville.


27-17. K191. Healesville.


27-18. K191. Healesville.


27-19. K191. Healesville.


27-20. 34RM. Healesville.


27-21. K191. Healesville.