ROLL 24.  Newport Workshops & Geelong, 30th July 1967.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


24-1. R735 on the left, others unknown. Newport Workshops. Awaiting scrapping. This was the usual scene that greeted me upon arrival at the Workshops. It was usually a Sunday, as this day was, when I would try to sneak in. And just as usually, I would have about an hour before I was discovered by a security guard and escorted off the premises. If I took a day off work and wandered around the Workshops, I wouldn’t have any problems, I could go almost anywhere unimpeded – even get a ride on one of the E-class steam shunting locos or on my favourite, No. 4 Steam Crane with it’s very English steam whistle.



24-2. J536, J527 and R?.  Newport Workshops.



24-3. J536, J527. Newport Workshops.


24-4. R?, K150 & K149. Newport Workshops.


24-5. J? , J521 & J? Newport Workshops.


24-6. A2 986, and various tenders, the last two are X-class tenders. Newport Workshops.


24-7. J?, D3? & A2 986. Newport Workshops.


24-8. R?, K150 & K149. Newport Workshops.


24-9. R-class locos awaiting scrapping. Newport Workshops. I’ve been caught, but I’ve managed a parting shot.


24-10. Tait/Swing door. Newport Station. This was the Newport-Altona shuttle in the days when trains from Flinders St, usually originating at Dandenong or Frankston, ran through to Williamstown or occasionally, Williamstown Pier. Flinders St – Altona trains only ran during peak periods and never on weekends.


24-11. B78. Newport Station. Fellow gunzel, Andrew Cook, watches me snap a “quickie” as the train to Geelong rolls in. That’s my old blue vinyl bag in the corner dropped in haste to take the shot.


24-12. R711. Geelong Loco.


24-13. T405. Geelong Loco. It was almost brand-new here.


24-14. l-r; K154, J524 K187, J518, J502, K176. Geelong Loco.


24-15. J518, J502 & K178. Geelong Loco.


24-16. l-r; J518, J502, K178 & K176. Geelong Loco.


24-17. K187 & J524. Geelong Loco.


24-18. K178 & J502, with F213, W?, & W? on the other side of the turntable. Geelong Loco.


24-19. K176. Geelong Loco.


24-20. K154, J524 & K187. Geelong Loco.


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