ROLL 20. A.R.E. Excursion to Culcairn, 20th May 1967.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


20-1. R749. Seymour.


20-2. T395. Seymour.


20-3. l-r, K160, K156, ??DRC, R722, R723. Seymour. Steam had supposedly finished on the North East by October 1965, but the odd K-class on a Seymour Benalla goods still ran until 1968. What the Rs were still doing here was a bit of a mystery, but both were scrapped within two years. The Z-van was a classic.


80-4. R749. Locksley.


80-5. X32. Locksley? The X was about six months old and looked a treat. The driver seemed to be entertained by our steam engine as he drank his tea.


20-6. R749. Near Glenrowan?


20-7. R749. Near Glenrowan?


20-8. R749. Glenrowan Wodonga.


20-9. R749. Glenrowan Wodonga.


20-10. R749. Glenrowan Wodonga. Photo-stop practices were a little unsafe in those days. With people all over a fast, busy inter-state mainline, without any radio communication to control to warn of approaching trains and no-one wearing safety jackets, it was nothing short of a railway version of Russian roulette. It was only a miracle that no one was skittled by a double-headed S-class at 112 km/h. The dangers, however, were realised on this trip and so crossing running lines to take pictures was actively discouraged on later rail-fan excursions.


20-11. 5135. Near Albury.


20-12. 5135. Near Albury.


20-13. 5135. Albury Table Top.


20-14. 5135. Table Top.


20-15. 5135 & 4458. Table Top.


20-16. 5135. Table Top-Gerogery.


20-17. 4404. Gerogery.


20-18. 5135. Culcairn.


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