ROLL 18. A.R.E. Excursion to Stratford, 22nd April 1967.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


18-1. R749. Warragul.


18-2. R749. Warragul.


18-3. R749. Warragul.


18-4. E1109. Warragul.


18-5. R749. Near Darnum.


18-6. R749. Near Darnum.


18-7. R749. The “Haunted Hills” between Moe and Morwell.


18-9. D3 639. Maffra Line.


18-10. D3 639. Maffra Line.


18-11. D3 639. Approaching Maffra.


18-12. D3 639 & T393. Maffra.


18-13. D3 639 & T393. Maffra.


18-14. D3 639. Approaching Stratford.


18-15. D3 639. Sale. Always focus first on what you are doing? Yeh, I know.


18-16. T387. Sale. Taken from the signal box, the up Gippslander arrives. Just in front of the loco can be seen the Sale Wharf line. And just behind the train was the location of the loco shed and turntable. The signal box survives, but no track. It now stands, like a mute sentinel, over a shopping centre car park.


18-17. D3 639. Sale.


18-18. D3 639. Thompson River bridge.


18-19. L11?? & R749. Traralgon. My attempt at an artistic representation of the grace and power of multiple forms of locomotion? Nah, the camera moved at 1/8th second shutter speed.


18-20. Near McKinnon.


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