ROLL 17. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Ballarat & Suburbs via Geelong & Ballan, 25th February 1967.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


17-1. R769. Moorabool Viaduct.


17-2. R769. Meredith.


17-3. R769. Meredith. A very similar range of photos can be seen taken by a better camera (fortunately, this was the last roll taken with my Kodak Instamatic 50) on Roll 53-2. A few subtle changes can also be discerned at this location.


17-4. R769. Meredith-Yendon.


17-5. R769. Meredith-Yendon. Any unintended impression of speed was obtained by the use of a dismally slow shutter speed camera.


17-6. R769. Yendon.


17-7. R769. Yendon-Warrenheip.


17-8. R769. Yendon-Warrenheip.


17-9. J517. Redan.


17-10. J517. Redan-Linton Junction. The line went through the middle of a golf course.


17-11. J517. Eureka. The line to Buninyong went through the cutting in the foreground.


17-12. J517. Eureka. The formation of the line to Buninyong, closed 20 years previously, can be seen in the middle of the picture.


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