ROLL 14. Koondrook - Kerang, Swan Hill – Kooloonong, 6th January 1967.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


14-1. Koondrook. Koondrook Tramway Van.


14-2. Koondrook. Buffer Stop behind building.


14-3. Koondrook.


14-4. 8RM. Koondrook.


14-5. J514. Kerang - Koondrook.


14-6. J514. Kerang - Koondrook.


14-7. J514. Koondrook.


14-8. J514. Koondrook.


14-9. Koondrook – Kerang. As we ambled along at a leisurely pace (about 25Km/h) we had time to savour the delightful scenic wonders that only countryside, in desperate need of rain, can provide.


14-10. 18RT. Swan Hill. The rail tractor was used to shunt the train from Melbourne.


14-11. Piangil. We had arranged to travel on to Kooloonong by the Postal Trolley. So many of us were travelling there that we tried to see if we could get the Rail Motor to continue on, to no avail. Still, we ran the trolley through paper tape (toilet paper from the gents) to inaugurate the first passenger service to Kooloonong (temporary) in Heaven knows how long.


14-12. Kooloonong. The next time I rode this service, three years later, the trolley had been “upgraded”. See Roll 104-18/21.