ROLL 111. Mornington - Frankston, 1st February 1970. Geelong & Ballarat, 9th March 1970.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


111-1. B66. Mooroduc.


111-2. B66. Baxter-Frankston.


111-3. B66. Frankston.


111-4. B66. Frankston.


111-5. 82RM. Ballarat. Maryborough-bound.


111-6. T358. North Ballarat.


111-7. T358. North Ballarat. The tracks diverge here, left to go to Ararat and the South Australian border, centre to go to the North Ballarat Workshops immediately in front of the engine, and right to go to Maryborough and Mildura.


111-8. T358. North Ballarat. This train is going to Maryborough.


111-9. T375. North Ballarat. Note the 4-wheel cattle wagon behind the engine. One of them I saw at Bendigo, just a year or two earlier than this picture, had a manufacturer’s plate that indicated it was built in 1898. They were amongst the oldest wagons on the system. 


111-10. T375. North Ballarat. The 6 or so open 4-wheel wagons in the rear are grey and red South Australian Railways “0” wagons. I still miss seeing the Z-type guards van at the rear of a train.


111-11. W248. North Ballarat.


111-12. W248. North Ballarat. North Ballarat Workshops behind the engine.


111-13. North Ballarat. The rear 4-wheel wagons are T-class insulated iced wagons for conveying perishables, built in the days before refrigeration.


111-14. North Ballarat.


111-15. B74. Geelong.


111-16. B74. Geelong.


111-17. B74. Geelong.


111-18. l-r; K159, K164, J5??, K175. Geelong.


111-19. l-r; R753, R711 & J516. Geelong.


111-20. l-r; W251, Y154 & F201. Geelong.


111-21. l-r; W251, Y154, T340, T3?? & B??. Geelong.