ROLL 109. Wycheproof-Korong Vale, 13th January. Wedderburn Junction – Wedderburn, 14th January. Ararat Line, 17th January 1970.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


109-1. Charlton. It’s not really a mixed train; it’s the method by which rail-motor trailers were sometimes moved around. Despite my pleadings I still had to ride in the Guards Van.


109-2. T336. Charlton. The other end of the “mixed” train.


109-3. T336. Charlton-Korong Vale.


109-4. T336. Charlton- Korong Vale.


109-5. T351. Korong Vale.


109-6. T351. Wedderburn Junction.


109-7. Wedderburn. The railway station was exactly 151 miles from Melbourne – just.


109-8. Wedderburn.


109-9. Wedderburn.


109-10. T351. Wedderburn.


109-11. T351. Wedderburn.


109-12. T351. Wedderburn.


109-13. Wedderburn Junction.


109-14. B83 & B66. Ballarat. The connecting railmotor from Geelong can be seen at the rear of the train.


109-15. B83 & B66. Ballarat.


109-16. B66 & B83. Ballarat.


109-17. B83 & B66. Ballarat.


109-18. Ararat. Taken from the Ballarat line approaching Ararat, stored locomotives can be seen just to the right of the poles.


109-19. Ararat. As the line from Ballarat does a sweeping right-hand turn into the town, a better view of the now long-gone coal tower could be seen. At least the water tanks are still there. For a more recent view, click here.


109-20. Ararat.


109-21. Ararat.

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