ROLL 7. Flinders Street, Spencer Street & Newport. September 1966.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


7-1. E1111. Flinders Street Station.


7-2. Flinders Street Station.


7-3. Flinders Street Station.


7-4. Near Spencer Street Station.


7-5. M231 & M232. Newport Workshops. The passenger carriage is a brand new Harris car in the workshops for fit-out and painting.


7-6. E1105. Newport Workshops. Regular transfers were run between Jolimont Workshops and Newport Workshop for the movement of parts and rolling stock. E1105 is shown here on one of these runs.


7-7. E369. Newport Workshops. Although not officially in service being termed by the railways as “Off Register”, locomotives such as these, long retired from use around the system, could often be found at the Newport, North Ballarat and North Bendigo Workshops. Sometimes these ancient engines hung around for years pottering around the yards and were a joy to see. They often had the ironic task of bringing much younger engines, which were meant to replace them, to the scrapper’s torch. This locomotive, however, was later temporarily restored to active service during the “Railways on Review, 50th Anniversary of the first run of an electric train in Australia”, 8th October 1968. For pictures, see Roll 56.


7-8. J523. Newport Workshops. This locomotive had the dubious distinction of being the first of its class in permanent storage and the first to be scrapped (17th November 1967). Only one of the J-class locomotives, J558, ever made it to 20 years of service with the Victorian Railways. Most were scrapped well before their “use-by” date.


7-9. No. 4 Steam Crane. Newport Workshops. A particular favourite of mine, this locomotive was a brother to No.3, now preserved at the Science Works Museum. For a picture of No. 3, see Roll 56-11.


7-10. NA14. Newport Workshops. Despite its derelict appearance, this engine was restored to service and can be seen to this day at Puffing Billy.


7-11. G42 & No. 9 Steam Crane.  Another relative of Nos. 3 & 4 this engine was probably the source of some spare parts for the other two.


7-12. G42. Newport Workshops. After the closure of the narrow-gauge Beach Forest line in 1964 and before it was sent to the Puffing Billy Museum at Menzies Creek in 1967 (See Roll 96-4), it rested here in three separate pieces. It has only just recently (18/4/2004) been returned to service.


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