ROLL 6. Ararat, Stawell, Warracknabeal & Ballarat, 5th- 7th January 1966. McKinnon, 9th January 1966.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


6-1. J535 & J5??. Ararat. The double-headed Jís had just come off a wheat train from the Portland line.


6-2. J535. Ararat.


6-3. J535. Ararat.


6-4. J535. Ararat.


6-5. R719. Stawell.


6-6. N454. Warracknabeal.


6-7. N475. Warracknabeal.


6-8. R719. Stawell.


6-9. N468. Ararat.


6-11. K181. Ballarat.


6-12. D3 639. McKinnon. This was one of the first of the Vintage train excursions to Mornington that eventually resulted in regular passenger services being restored to Mornington after a gap of about 25 years.


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